Trans Health Advocacy Summit

The Trans Health Advocacy Summit (THAS) took place August 10th to 12th on the beautiful campus of Western University in London, Ontario. It brought together 35 trans community members and 3 allies that were motivated to be there and participate. We mapped out trans health care issues across the province and strategized around these. Workshop topics included: Legal issues and resources; advocating for health care; how to do policy work; social media advocacy; and self-care. Also, members of the Trans PULSE team presented on current findings from the project.

THAS was a great opportunity for trans community members and allies to come together to network, share ideas and experience, and take away knowledge for indviduals’ advocacy work. We believe the summit was a success and want to thank all of the delegates for participating and creating such an energized atmosphere.

Please find links below to some of the presentations given at THAS:

Rainbow Health Ontario Doing Health Policy

Social Media & Advocacy 101

Improving the Health of Trans Communities: Findings from the Trans PULSE Project