Data in Action

How have results from the Trans PULSE Project been put into action? The following are statements from individuals or groups that have shared with us how they used items from Trans PULSE.

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I am a 3rd year nursing student and I am looking at using a couple of your articles for my research review paper. I am looking at the care of trans people and best nursing practice as well as hope to uncover some good ideas for nursing education. I am happy to have stumbled along your research and thank you for your work and dedication in helping those who have been marginalised and stigmatized. <3

Marielle Tattman
3rd year BSN, North Island College

Marielle Tattman, North Island College, Courtenay, BC

I am a MSW student at the University of Waterloo and recently attended a workshop that included information from this project. I in turn, was able to share this information with my colleagues via our discussion board. Thank you for this work and platform to share the different ways of mobilizing this important data.

Amanda, Student

I am using data from TransPulse to advocate for stripping the gendered language from our vaccine recommendations at the National Advisory Committee on Immunization. I am a contractor and just one person advocating for it to a large bureaucracy, but people are listening and we are making change. Having solid research is helping. Our researchers are now attuned to this issue and will keep it in mind for upcoming recommendations.

Carolyn Moffatt, Public Health Agency of Canada, Ottawa