Impacts of Strong Parental Support for Trans Youth

A report prepared for Children's Aid Society of Toronto and Delisle Youth Services

The aim of this report is to provide preliminary data on the health impacts of parental support for trans (transgender or transsexual) youth aged 16 to 24 in Ontario.

Trans PULSE data have considerable implications for parents/caregivers and for those working with trans youth in schools and services. First and foremost, our findings show clear associations between the support that trans youth experience from their parents and numerous health outcomes. The most significant differences show that trans youth who have strong parental support for their gender identity and expression report higher life satisfaction, higher self-esteem, better mental health including less depression and fewer suicide attempts, and adequate housing compared to those without strong parental support. These findings draw a direct relationship between strong parental support and the reduction of significant risk factors for trans youth.

Our data point to an urgent need for policy-makers to make themselves familiar with the needs of this very vulnerable group of youth, and to respond accordingly with resources that will help to ameliorate a very desperate situation.

Resources for trans youth and parents of trans youth are included on the final page of this report.

Reference: Travers R, Bauer G, Pyne J, Bradley K, for the Trans PULSE Project; Gale L, Papadimitriou M. Impacts of Strong Parental Support for Trans Youth: A Report Prepared for Children’s Aid Society of Toronto and Delisle Youth Services. 2 October, 2012.