Avoidance of Public Spaces by Trans Ontarians

The Impact of Transphobia on Daily Life

The ability to leave the house and access public or shared spaces such as public transit, washrooms, restaurants, and schools is taken for granted by many non-trans people. However, trans people experience much prejudice, discrimination, and violence related to being trans. The fear of such harassment or violence is also bad for our health, and may result in avoiding public spaces. We found that two-thirds of trans Ontarians had avoided a public space or situation because of a fear of harassment, being “read” (perceived as trans), or outed. About half had avoided three or more spaces or situations. Washrooms were the most commonly avoided space (57% had ever avoided a public washroom).

Reference: Scheim A, Bauer G, Pyne J. Avoidance of Public Spaces by Trans Ontarians: The Impact of Transphobia on Daily Life. Trans PULSE e-Bulletin, 16 January, 2014. 4(1). Downloadable in English or French at http://www.transpulseproject.ca .