Who are Trans People in Ontario?

Our knowledge about who trans people really are is unfortunately still very limited. Many studies have focused on only those who attend certain clinics, or seek out hormone treatment or sex reassignment surgeries.(1,2) More recent studies have tried to capture what trans people “look like” by surveying people in other venues.(3) Trans PULSE has taken a unique snapshot of trans people across Ontario – people with a range of identities, relationships with their bodies, and personal beliefs about the necessity of physical transition. The information we present was collected using a unique research method that would allow us to take the most statistically accurate picture of trans people possible in Ontario.

Reference: Bauer G, Boyce M, Coleman T, Kaay M, Scanlon K. Who are Trans People in Ontario? Trans PULSE e-Bulletin, 20 July, 2010. 1(1). Downloadable in English or French at http://www.transpulseproject.ca.