Data in Action

How have results from the Trans PULSE Project been put into action? The following are statements from individuals or groups that have shared with us how they used items from Trans PULSE.

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Because there is a big lack of information elsewhere on governmental sites such as Statistics Canada, I’ve used your data to help me with a project aiming to identify the increased risk of violence in minorities, thus the transgender community, which then leads to an increased risk of suicide. I value the work this organisation does to inform the public about the multiple struggle transgender people face and ways to possibly better the health system for everyone.

Sabrina, Université de Moncton, Bacc. en sciences infirmières, Bathurst, New Brunswick

Three grant proposals for projects involving trans-positive services for youth and adults with mental health and/or addiction issues.

Jane Corbett, LOFT Community Services, Toronto

At this time, I am a member of our office’s diversity committee and I am looking to do a presentation at our next team meeting to recognize Trans remembrance Day (Nov. 20th).
I work for Probation and Parole Services in Windsor.

Stacey , MCSCS, Windsor ON

I am using your data to inform and support my undergraduate student thesis project. I am a BScN student from Trent University studying food insecurity in the trans population in Toronto. Thank you!

Melody Alderton-Ballik, Trent/Fleming School of Nursing Trent University, Toronto

I am interested in training entry level registered dietitians who have an improved understanding of the relationship between nutrition and trans health. My role is internship coordinator at Western University in London Ontario

Kayla Glynn, Brescia University College UWO, London Ontario